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Tommy's Joint

(Mural on Tommy’s Joint in San Francisco. April 2006. Photo by Robin)

Hungry and in need of lunch, I wander into the Taverna di Muse to find they do, indeed, serve great big beautiful sandwiches.

On the menu today:

  • Hoagie (Philly area in the U.S.): Italian meats (ham, cappicola, and salami) and cheese (a good, aged provolone) served on a wonderous roll that can only be found in the Philadelphia area, filled with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, seasoned with oregano, oil, and vinegar. Hot cherry peppers optional.
  • Bacon butty (U.K): Bacon on buttered brown bread. Served with or without brown sauce. May substitute the Chip butty: A liberal serving of chips (french fries) sandwiched between two slices of buttered white bread. Sauce (tomato, brown, chip-shop curry) available upon request.
  • Gyros (Greece): Lamb or chicken served on pita bread with tzatziki, tomato, and onion.
  • Tea sandwiches: Available today — Watercress; egg and mayo; smoked salmon; cucumber; fruit jam; and curried chicken. Mix and match sandwiches as desired.
  • Sandwiches de miga (Argentina): A Taverna di Muse special guaranteed to fuel you up for the nighttime tango. Miga (a thin, crustless white bread) filled with thinly sliced meats, cheese, tomatoes, eggs, green peppers, lettuce, and asparagus, slathered with mayonnaise.
  • Barros Luco (Chile): Beef and melted cheese.
  • Sandwich mixto (Cuba): Also known as the Cuban Pressed Sandwich. Made with Cuban bread, liberally buttered on both sides, filled with dill pickles, roast pork that was marinated in mojo (a garlic/citrus marinade) and slow roasted, ham, and swiss cheese, all pressed and heated until the cheese is melted. Served the traditional way with yellow mustard. Sorry, no mayo on this one or it wouldn’t be traditional!
  • PB&J: Peanut butter and jelly. Your choice of jelly, jam, or preserves.

Don’t see something on the menu you’d like? Please feel free to add to it. I’m sure the Taverna can provide, both real and fanciful.

(Thanks to Wikipedia as a source of information on various sandwiches.)



just off of the ‘smoker’s porch’
through the elegant French Doors of the Tavern’s charm
is a special tree called “The Cuff”

Frozen there for a ‘breath of time’
is the visage of a man who didn’t pay his bar bill,
saying, “Just put it on the cuff!”

Just a myth I am sure,
but …



One of my animated walks, this time on a very cold day. Now I’ll just still here for a bit, and warm myself.  I hope the Dalmation also found a cosy warm spot by his master on such a cold night.

Official Lemurian Tavern

Authenticated by le Enchanteur

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