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Our whole family are ‘animal people’, our homes aren’t complete without a pet or two to nurture. The three of ‘Us’ (Mum, Matt, and myself) have 2 cats, 2 birds and a tank of tropical fish.

I’ve talked about our cats before:

The Learned Professor Pye


Lady Skye

Sweet Lady Skye

We also have the two cockatiels, Bosco and Lady Cosmo:

Lady Cosmo


Lady Cosmo

Lady Cosmo

And a thirty gallon tropical tank.

Here’s our fishtank, populated by African Cichlids, and a Plecostomus.

My brother, Jim, has the character dog, Max, short for Maximum Overdrive.

This is the infamous Max, enjoying every second of being a family dog.


His partner, Carol, has the sweet, elderly Muffin.

Here’s the Grandma dog, Muffin


His daughter Kryssi and her partner, Troy, have 2 dogs and three cats.

This is Brinkley, Kryssi adopted her after the vet finiahed treating the poor thing for being set afire.

Kryssi with Brinkley

This is Brody, the first dog Kryssi adopted through the vet’s office she works for.


This is the ‘Retard Cat’ that Kryssi adopted and nursed back to health.\

The ‘Retard Cat’

Kryssi’s ‘Momma Cat’ Whiskey Girl.

Momma Cat

I haven’t gotten a pic of ‘Little Man’ cat yet. He is shy and hides when company arrives.

Matt’s ex-wife and her adult daughter have 2 Chihuahuas, hermit crabs, and tropical fish.

This is Doreen’s daughter’s Chihuahua, Pepperoncini, at about 4 months old.


This is Doreen’s Chihuahua, Pepsi, she is about 1 1/2 months old here.

And little Pepsi.



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