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It was January 6, 2004 and after 10 years of pain and having just birthed my second child, I was ready to claim my strength. I understood from my studies over the past several years that our thoughts and what we focus on creates our reality.

So, on this wintry afternoon in my quiet living room, I stood with conviction and claimed this year my year of strength. That same afternoon, I took my children for a walk at the park and my body responded harshly. My body was my barometer; I knew it was telling me a shift was happening. Two days later, I received the phone call from Detective Newsome with news that they had, after 14 years, positively identified my rapist.

This was the ending and another beginning — a beginning I had strongly intended for myself just 2 days earlier. This strong intention set in motion a series of events that I never could have predicted, but which touched me in many healing ways and today, I stand in strength knowing the truth of who I am, knowing with conviction the gifts I have to give, knowing the power I have to create what I desire.

In gratitude for this gift and as a statement for the courts, I wrote the following. Click here to read more.




Jungle fever
Dulls the brain
Weakened by exhaustion
I lie, wracked
Pale, emaciated
Red blood cells infected
By the protozoans of
dappled winged parasites.

Medieval catch all mercury
Leeching, purging
The horrid malevolent spirit remains
The blood-sucking parasite

Dressed in Cinchona’s laurel like leaves
Wearing a crimson gown
The fairest of Peruvian hand maidens
Harvests the Jesuit bark
Methodically grinding seeds
Into a bitter, colourless, amorphous powder
Amounting to the weight
Of two small silver coins

The fine bitter tasting
Popish powder
A powerful antipyretic
Given as a beverage
Mixed with lemon and lime
Soothes the blood-sucking parasite
And words flow

In Melbourne as in Lima

Heather Blakey

A warm welcoming fire was burning in the fireplace in the study of Riversleigh Manor. Outside the wind moaned and grated through the bare tree branches and somewhere a strain of a Little Night Music floated on the air. Siena, warrior maiden, drew her feet underneath her in the fireside chair and sighed deeply…….


Official Lemurian Tavern

Authenticated by le Enchanteur

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