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 - work in progress

- work in progress

Taking up the brush this new year.


for all the kiddies everywhere





just a little Valentine I had a lot of fun putting together.


bit of fun - the gallery for gargoyles

My gargoyle gallery, just having a bit of fun with images of my gargoyles on the balcony. You can make your own gallery images at if you have a flickr

Pete thinking - gargoyle gallery
“Thinking Pete”
ernest and the bubble
“Ernest Gazing”

in the wings progress shots

The spirit finally just took possession of me last night, must be the magic of Mayday, and I painted furiously between eleven and three in the morning. I am not unhappy with the work so far, and I am ecstatic to have finally painted again. hanks to all of you who’ve expressed your confidence in me that I would paint again, those little nudges go a long way to keeping me on track. For those four hours I felt no pain, no miseries of any kind, it was wonderful.


The Little Joys in Life

Of the many photos.. I’ve taken the last couple of weeks this has to be my personal favourite. I was in the car, the back seat between my grandson and his playmate. Wedged between baby seats, but what a place to photograph little kids. The sun playing thought the windows started Monty on a sneeze and I just managed to grab him in the middle of it.

a little tiny sneeze

On a more whimsical note this photos of my Gargoyle “Ernest” bathing and having altogether too much fun.

gazed on it

On a sad note, I came home today I found my brave little mouse dead in his little cage. He”s been sickly for about a week, but last night still came and got a treat from me before bed. I think the little guy just feel asleep. So I put his limp little body in a small chocolate box in a blanket of clean paper towel and a small cookie bit like he liked. I taped it shut and wrote on the box “you were my good and brave little mouse and I love you, I will see you again in another life”. I’m a little sad to have lost him. To some just a pesky rodent but, honestly, this little mouse was such a character. I will miss him.


The story of how Trillian came to me here:

Took my camera along to my appointment at a downtown hospital clinic and saw the first blossoms just barely in bloom. The whole city has a different feel about it, even the stone maidens atop the Cathedral place and the carved mermaid at an old building at Hastings and Grandville. More photos and with better detail, just follow the link by clicking on the animation and follow the URL to my flickr site.




thoughts on the
playful light waves
to where it is darkest
in this the universe

taking with them
our thoughts
prayers and wishes
light and enlightenment

entwining forever
all from a lit candle

Aletta Mes

as the sparrow flies - animated

I have piggy backed my spirit
to the little sparrow
which wanted so much to take me

to be with friends
to celebrate
to send

a friend on a voyage
while making sure
his beloved is
well taken care of
so he need not worry

Ā aletta

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